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Shamanic Guidance

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Shamanic Guidance

Power Animal & Power Ally Resource Recovery

Throughout life events happen that make us forget our own power, we are gifted with internal guides, allies and power when we are born All our internal guidance systems are profoundly helpful assisting us along our life’s journey. We help you retrieve and reconnect your access and recovery of your personal internal power, internal allies, and internal resources. Whew!

Clients have described these sessions as radically life affirming and radically life changing experiences.

These practices have a long history with humans. Most of our ancestors utilized these internal resources when facing any type of decision. These resources can be accessed through dance, movement, sound, visualization, and guided imagery.

These sessions help you recover your internal resources and connect you to your internal guidance.

These sessions can be booked with the practitioner after a psychic energy evaluation and intention session.

The Shamanic Guidance Power Retrieval sessions can be booked when you have your first Psychic Energy Reading, Psychic Energy Healing or Deep Dive Dream Analysis.

More information on facilitating this process can not be relayed online quickly. The practitioner has many safe and time tested modalities to facilitate this recovery. Each individual may have a different way to access their internal guidance and that must be discussed with the facilitator prior to the session.

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