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Psychic Energy Reading

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Psychic Energy Reading

Aura Reading, Chakra Reading

Past Live Relevance Reading

Psychic Energy Healing

Deep Dive Dream Analysis

All of these offerings are designed to help reveal the clarity about your current situation. We offer a perspective that you may not be seeing for yourself. The offerings are intended as playful discovery as to why certain situations or patterns may be happening in your current life. We strive to access and be surprised by how best to move forward. All questions are welcome.

Telephone Only Sessions

Our telephone system allows you to be anonymous. We have discovered that it is easier for some people to discuss big life topics and unearth some very deep healing for themselves if they have a the safety of anonymity.

We will ask for your full name to be stated 3X’s. This is so that the reader can tune into your Energy and the reading can begin. Your reader may request to know if this reading is for a general purpose reading or for a specific purpose.

Deep Dive Dream Analysis will require you to tell the reader the dream and then the reader will work with you to identify the meaning of the dream.

Keep a notebook and pen handy so you can write down the information you receive during your session.

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