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  • Can children or teenagers benefit from your services?
    While some of our services may be suitable for younger individuals, it's essential to discuss specific needs and concerns with our practitioners. Parental consent and involvement are required for clients under the age of 18. Contact us to explore options for younger participants.
  • How long is a typical session, and how many sessions are recommended?
    Session durations vary based on the service. Most Sessions may take 60-90 minutes, while other sessions can range from 60 to 120 minutes. The number of recommended sessions depends on individual goals and needs, and our practitioners will discuss this with you during the first scheduled visit and the initial consultation.
  • Is Soul Ecstatic suitable for individuals of all spiritual backgrounds?
    Yes, Soul Ecstatic welcomes individuals of all spiritual backgrounds and belief systems. The tools utilized during the sessions are dated back to early humans and ancient practices. All are welcome and celebrated here.
  • What services does Soul Ecstatic offer?
    Soul Ecstatic provides a range of holistic services including Inner Insights, Hypnotherapy Problem Solving, and Shamanic guidance. Explore our services page for detailed descriptions of each offering. What can I expect during an Energy Scan or Energy Reading? A: During an Energy Scan or Energy Reading, our practitioners tap into your energetic field to provide insights, identify blockages, and offer healing. The process is non-invasive, and you may experience a deep sense of relaxation and clarity during and after the session.
  • Is there any preparation required for a session?
    It is beneficial to come with an open mind and specific questions or intention with areas of focus. For Hypnotherapy, practitioners will guide you on any necessary preparations during the first session discussion. Details will be communicated prior to your next scheduled appointment.
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