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Inner Insight Using

Ancient Practices

We help you remember your soul’s purpose by empowering you to access and recognize your own inner wisdom

Power Animal & Internal Resource and Power Ally Recovery

Deep Dive Dreams Analysis

Shamanic Guidance 

Hypnotherapy Based Problem Solving

Complete Series

Soulful Series: Access Your Inner Wisdom

At Accessing The Soul Ecstatic, we believe that everyone has the power to tap into their soul's potential. Our mission is to help you discover what makes your soul ecstatic through a range of services including energy readings and spiritual coaching sessions.

Pain Relief Series

Our time together is dedicated to you finding inner guidance about pain you are experiencing: listening closely to the body and its wisdom & finding unique solutions.

Deep Dive Dream Analysis

This series is a deep dive into your subconscious. No dream is too bizarre. We can dive right in and discover the meaning your dreams have been showing you for years.

Meeting the Inner Shaman Counseling Series

Discover your inner shaman and assist you with understanding the information that is shared with you during shamanic journeys, 

meditations and initiations.

Power Filled Series

Throughout life, events happen that make us forget our own power. This series will help you get that power back. By the end, you will know your power in a real and tangible way. 

Problem Solving Series 

This series is designed for you to discover your own inner magician.  Be ready to be amazed at how masterfully you can dissolve your problems.

Integration and Wholeness 

Integrate Shadow, Integrate Resource, Integrate Power, Integrate Parts, Integrate Fractals: Integration and Wholeness is the way.

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Who We Are

Our Time Together Is All About You.

Our time together is dedicated to you finding your highest purpose in this lifetime. Utilizing ancient shamanic techniques, guided imagery, trance and psychic skills to reconnect, empower and define your purpose in all your relationships, work, transitions and solutions to your personal power.


The whole world is waiting for you.


Time to rise and shine…


We are the ones we have been waiting for.


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